Port Management Programme

The objective of this special course is to support the implementation of measures and to prepare for and alleviate contingencies related to a pandemic in a port, port terminals, and other seaport actors. 

More specifically, at the end of the course, participants will be able to: 

  • Describe and prepare crisis protocols 

  • Prepare communication strategies and implement effective digital communication tools 

  • Appreciate the potential impacts of pandemics on staff well-being and address any mental and emotional distress-related issues 

  • Identify appropriate technology solutions for alternative work arrangements  

  • Assess disruption scenarios for cargoes and passengers 

  • Identify legal and financial risks 

  • Define appropriate mitigation measures 

Here you will find the training package for the Modern Port Management course, including the Participant Manuals, PowerPoint Presentations, videos, the dissertation database, and other relevant documents and files.

Here you will find documents and files from the present and past training cycles in each of the member countries of the English-speaking Network of the Port Training Programme.